About Us

About the Competition

The High School Investment Competition brings real-world investment tactics into the classroom. Ithaca College School of Business invites high school teams in the northeast to compete in the 2nd Annual Investment Competition where students will learn basic principles in the stock market, various sectors, and fundamentals of real-time trading, and the opportunity to win great prizes!

How It Works

Teams composed of 3-6 student members ranging from 10th to 12th grades will receive $500,000 in virtual US dollars will build a portfolio that consists of five to twenty stocks. After their initial investment, teams will have a series of four check-points where they can reallocate their funds. Portfolios will be scored and posted each week. Early in the competition, teams and their faculty advisors will be invited to the School of Business for a live portfolio performance ranking, tour of facility, including the Trading Room, and opportunity to meet with finance faculty members, students, and Core Trading Consultant members. At the conclusion of the competition, awards will be given out to the top three earning portfolios. See complete competition guidelines here.

2015-2016 Competition Timeline

October 30, 2015--Registration AND Portfolio submissions due

November 2, 2015--Start of competition

December 7, 2015-First rebalance deadline

January 11, 2016 -Second rebalance deadline

February 1, 2016--Third rebalance deadline

February 29, 2016-Fourth and Final rebalance deadline

March 18, 2016 --Competition ends

March 25, 2016--Final standings posted